How to Right-Click Without a Mouse(Windows & Mac)

In this guide, we will explore various methods.

While right-clicking is traditionally associated with using a mouse, there are several alternative methods to achieve this action on both Windows and Mac operating systems without a mouse. In this guide, we will explore various methods for performing a right-click without a mouse, including keyboard shortcuts, trackpad gestures, and accessibility options.

Let’s start with the Windows operating system:

windows 7 pc

Method 1: Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows provides several keyboard shortcuts that can mimic the right-click function:

I. Shift + F10: This keyboard shortcut generally works as a substitute for the right-click action. It opens the context menu for the selected item or the active window.

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II. Windows Key + Menu Key: If your keyboard has a Menu key (usually located next to the Windows key), pressing these two keys simultaneously will open the context menu for the focused element or the active window.

Method 2: Touchpad Gestures

If you’re using a laptop with a touchpad, you can simulate a right-click using touchpad gestures:

I. Two-Finger Tap: Place two fingers on the touchpad and tap with both fingers simultaneously. This gesture often triggers the right-click function.

II. Two-Finger Click: Press and hold one finger on the touchpad, then click with another finger. This gesture is similar to the two-finger tap and typically performs a right-click.

Method 3: On-Screen Keyboard

. Windows also provides an On-Screen Keyboard that can be used to perform a right-click:

. Press the Windows key on your physical keyboard.

. Type “On-Screen Keyboard” and select the matching result.

. When the On-Screen Keyboard window appears, click the “Options” key.

. Enable the “Right Click” option.

. You can now use your physical keyboard to select the item you want to right-click and click the “Right Click” button on the On-Screen Keyboard.

Moving on to macOS:

Apple Macbook Laptop.jpg

Method 1: Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac offers various keyboard shortcuts to simulate a right-click:

I. Control + Click: Hold down the Control key on your keyboard while clicking the mouse button. This action typically triggers the right-click function.

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II. Option + Click: Hold down the Option key on your keyboard while clicking the trackpad or mouse button. This gesture generally performs a right-click.

Method 2: Trackpad Gestures

If you’re using a MacBook or a Mac with a trackpad, you can utilize trackpad gestures to achieve a right-click:

I. Two-Finger Tap: Place two fingers on the trackpad and tap with both fingers simultaneously. This gesture usually emulates the right-click action.

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II. Click in the bottom-right corner: Position your cursor in the bottom-right corner of the trackpad, then click with one finger. This action typically triggers a right-click.

Method 3: Accessibility Options

Mac also provides accessibility options that allow you to configure alternative methods for performing a right-click:

. Open “System Preferences” from the Apple menu.

. Select “Accessibility.”

. Choose “Pointer Control” from the left sidebar.

. In the “Mouse & Trackpad” section, click the “Trackpad Options…” button.

. Enable the “Enable Mouse Keys” option.

. With “Mouse Keys” enabled, you can use the number pad on your keyboard to move the cursor and trigger a right-click using the number 5 key.

These methods should help you perform a right-click action without using a mouse on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Experiment with these options and find the one that works best for you.


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